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A panoramic roof is a new kind of roof for cars, not dissimilar to the old fashioned sun roof. Like sun roofs, they are usually opaque and made of tinted glass and they can be fixed in place or able to open (via either a sliding or venting process) and their purpose is to allow light and sometimes air into the car. These new kind of sun roofs are generally much larger than most sun roofs, as well as often being multi paneled.

A panoramic roof is often a more expensive option than a traditional sun roof, but many find that little bit extra a more than worthwhile expense because of the extra view - panoramic, even - of the sky above. Cars with a panoramic roof have openings in both the front and back seats of the car and they can come in the form of operable systems or in the shape of fixed glass paneling. Some of the operable systems (especially the larger models) often come with top-slider or spoiler mechanisms of a kind seen in car makes such as the Cadillac, BMW and Pontiac, and different roofs from different companies can also offer different features and facilities.
A panoramic roof can be installed on vehicles that did not come with them from out of the shop.

It is advisable, should you be intending to fit your car with a new panoramic roof, to check with a dealership that has experience of your make and model to ensure it is possible to do so before you start, lest you discover otherwise! Once you are sure your car can be adapted to fit this kind of roof and you are actually intending to fit it yourself, then there are several things that need to be considered. A panoramic roof with fixed glass paneling is considerably easier to install than the operable alternative, since you will not have be dealing with all of the mechanical components needed for the latter option.
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